SGR Book: Test Plan

Introduction to the Test Plan



“The Science of Getting Rich” is a book written by Wallace D. Wattles in the early 1900s.  It is the basis of my test plan to get rich.

Browse the chapters in this tab, as I explore them for my phased experimentation.  I will post the book, chapter by chapter generally, in the week I begin to test it.  Note that my  experiment will touch on each of the process steps outlined in the book; however, the reporting of results may or may not be so linear.

As stated in the book,”It is expected that the reader will take the fundamental statements upon faith, just as he would take statements concerning a law of electrical action if they were promulgated by a Marconi or an Edison; and, taking the statements upon faith, that he will prove their truth by acting upon them without fear or hesitation.”

Test Plan

I am developing the test plan as I re-read the book.   At each phase of the experiment, I will post the general approach to testing.

Experiment #1:  Title –  Preparation to Become Rich

  • Objective:  To accept that I have the right to be rich, and remove any thought barriers to this concept.
  • Procedure

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