Why a SGR Fieldbook?


“The Science of Getting Rich” confidently states, in part, that “There is a Science of getting rich, and it is an exact science, like algebra or arithmetic.  There are certain laws which govern the process of acquirig riches; once these laws are learned and obeyed by any (wo)man, (s)he will get rich with mathematical certainty.”  Without regard for intelligence, talent, opportunity, and/or environment, it proports that if any person learns to do things in a “Certain Way” (bringing oneself in harmony with Natural Laws), he or she will invarably get rich.  What a concept!

Philosophically and spiritually, I am inclined to believe this without any further data or demonstration.  So, I am more than a disinterested observer.  However, my scientific training compels me to apply more rigor to these points than blind, untested acceptance.

So, I am setting out on an adventure – an adventure to test the Science of Getting Rich (SGR) concepts, and the Seven Natural Laws: Law of Perpertual Transmutation; Law of Relativity; Law of Vibration (Attraction); Law of Polarity; Law of Cause and Effect; Law of Rhythm; and the Law of gender.

Over the next 90 days beginning June 10th, I will begin my SGR experiment in life’s laboratory (my life).  In this blog, I will maintain a complete and accurate account of how I applied the Science of Getting Rich (SGR) concepts, and the resulting data to prove that the universe (Creator) is kind to a life well-lived.  It is a lab report of sorts, like you might see in any school. But here I am testing Universal Laws in the pursuit of abundance to do and be more in the service of the greater good.  It occurs to me that a blog is an ideal place to share my SGR Fieldbook as public discourse during the experiment provides accountability and consistency in this experiment.

It may be a messy process, but if I am able to prove or refine the SGR process this experiment, my hopes are that I  – and anyone else who reads this blog – will ultimately benefit in a big way by getting rich.  I endeavor to update this blog weekly, chronicling my steps through the SGR process, successes and missteps, and things I have learned.

Apologies up front:  To the outsider, this SGR Fieldbook may look like a personal diary of a mad scientist – filled with theories, errors and triumphs, and the requisite rantings and reflections of a mad (yet determined) scientist; at its best, it will be a practical and reasonably methodical lab record demonstrating the efficacy and validity of the SGR.    At worst, it may be mildly entertaining to lookers-on!



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